Whilst I do own a working film camera, this Nikon FM (produced between 1977-1982) was bought purely as an ornament because I thought it would look good on the shelf. I bought it for £10 from someone selling their late husbands old gear. Although this was sad I like to think of all the memories that this camera captured in its life. It looks well used and surprisingly still contains a roll of half used film. I’d thought about finishing it and getting it developed to see what was on it, if it hasn’t spoiled, but part of me wants to leave it as I found it. It came with a 35-105mm push-pull lens.

The camera is nice to look at but thinking about having to use one all the time makes me realise how lucky I am to be a photographer in the digital age. Although in a world now awash with images and anyone with a smartphone able to take pro-looking images, the competition is a lot harder.

Set up

As with my previous double bass shoot, this setup consisted of just one flashgun with a snoot attached. I sat the camera on my bass amp which is covered in black vinyl that closely matches the texture of that on the camera. Taken with a Nikon 24-70mm lens.

For my next shoot I’m going for something even smaller, watch this space…