I thought I’d post a 2023 photography round-up seeing as I haven’t posted anything in the last 12 months; then I realised it has been 24 months! Where did that go? I’m like one of those tree thingies from The Lord of the Rings … it takes me a very long time to say anything.

My annual shutter count is still down on the pre-pandemic years, that’s not to say I enjoy photography any less, I’m just more relaxed about it now. I still get a buzz when I see the sunrise on a misty autumn morning or, more recently, a Class 37 (that’s a train) hurtling towards me.

Below are a few pics from the last two years. I’ve still been photographing wildlife, but to be honest, I’ve not bettered anything from previous years, so I’ve left those out … maybe an upcoming trip might change that; if I’m lucky.

Storm Babet

I didn’t intentionally head towards storm Babet, it just so happened I was already going in that direction. It didn’t even cross my mind it might make for some dramatic photographs, I just kept thinking how wet I was going to get, maybe I’m getting soft in my older age.

This trip was my first with the new iPhone 15Pro, the first camera phone I’ve owned with a camera I’d happily take ‘serious’ photos with. It was a liberating experience and has rejuvenated my photographic eye, knowing I have the means in my pocket to capture pictures anytime, anyplace.

Wedding shoot

I offered, yes offered, to shoot a friend’s wedding, a kind of wedding gift which I just hoped I didn’t stuff up. Most photographers dread shooting weddings, unless they’re already a wedding photographer I guess. It’s a long day and that doesn’t include the prep work or the processing involved.

This is the second wedding I’ve photographed, and although I don’t have a fee-paying client to keep happy, the possibility of disappointing a friend is no less stressful. All were happy with the results, phew.

Train photography

Train photography becomes ever more interesting to me the more I do. I really should know more about it by now, but as with wildlife, I’m not overly interested in the rare or unusual, just the stuff I think looks good. Tie-in the photography with a trip to the coast or somewhere else scenic and it’s whoo-whoo all the way.

Have a good Christmas and all the best for 2024.