The Guardian’s Country Diary

I recently noticed a couple of my images have been used on The Guardian's website; it's always interesting to see what they've been used for. The below gannet image from Bass Rock was featured in their travel section on things to do around Edinburgh. My trip to Bass Rock was cancelled this [...]

Video compilation

This is a compilation of video and stills from some of my favourite UK wildlife and landscape locations, including: Bass Rock, The Farne Islands, Gigrin Farm and the Lake District. It was produced for a recent presentation I did. I'm currently working on shorter individual location videos, which will also include [...]

Bird feeder

I love to watch garden birds, it takes the edge off washing the dishes when you’ve something interesting to look at outside the kitchen window. I always keep the feeders well stocked with a variety of treats, this doesn’t mean you don’t get times when the numbers drop off, seasonal behaviour and […] Read more

Cold porridge

Breakfast on the patio is a great way to start a summers day, especially when you’re going to be indoors for the rest of it working. So there I was, enjoying a brew, eating my porridge and watching the birds. It wasn’t until I looked up that I noticed the […] Read more