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Video compilation

Below is a compilation featuring video and stills from some of my favourite places, such as: Bass Rock, The Farne Islands, Gigrin Farm, The Lake District and Northumberland.

DJI Mavic Pro footage of the Lake District in spring

I’ve only had my DJI Mavic Pro a few days but I thought what better place to learn to fly it than the Lake District. I know the lakes well from years of doing landscape photography in the area, so it was these same locations I decided to film at. With gorgeous spring weather and only light winds the conditions were excellent.

DJI Mavic Pro footage of Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Rannerdale Bluebells – Cumbria. DJI Mavic Pro 4K

This isn’t your typical bluebell wood, in fact the wood has long gone, so the bluebells are visible from quite a distance. An ideal location to capture by air.

Gigrin Farm red kite feeding station video

25 minute feeding session condensed to 3 minutes. It helps show the concentration of birds as time passes.