Breakfast on the patio is a great way to start a summers day, especially when you’re going to be indoors for the rest of it working. So there I was, enjoying a brew, eating my porridge and watching the birds. It wasn’t until I looked up that I noticed the amazing clouds. I’ve googled them to try and find their proper name, but I don’t think they are anything that special to have a specific name, so I’ll just stick with wispy.

Anyway, I quickly grabbed the camera and popped the polarising filter on to increase contrast and give a deeper bluer sky. It was then a case of looking for interesting patterns and shapes. Considering there wasn’t much wind they were moving quite quickly. I noticed an interesting looking cloud moving towards the moon and took a number of shots as it passed in front of it.

By the time the clouds had broke up my porridge was cold and I had to make a mad dash to work, but it was worth it.

I’ve increased the contrast and saturation in Adobe Lightroom. I think the black and white treatment really works for the moon shot.

Camera: Nikon D800 – handheld
Lens: Nikon 24-120mm with polarising filter