A couple of my images have been used on The Guardian’s website; it’s always interesting to see what they’ve been used for. The below gannet image from Bass Rock was featured in their travel section on things to do around Edinburgh.

My trip to Bass Rock was cancelled this year because of bad weather (not the first time!), so I went to Edinburgh shopping instead. Even on a wet and overcast day it’s still an impressive city, would love to go back there and take some shots one day.

The other image, of a fox, was from their Country diary column, a ‘century-old column on natural history and the countryside’. The entry is called ‘Shambling fox is caught out’, click the link to have a read. I’m glad I found the Country diary. This time of year, if you’re working 9-5 indoors, it feels as if you never see daylight, Country diary is a great daily reminder of what’s going on outside – you might not be able to see it, but at least you can read about it.