When I’m photographing landscapes I nearly always carry a compact camera as well as my DSLR. They’re great for taking reference shots or for those shots that are worth taking but perhaps aren’t worth unpacking all my main kit for. They’re also useful for when it’s raining as you can quickly wipe them off and pop them back in your pocket instead of having to open up your camera bag and risk everything getting wet.

Looking through my archive I’ve noticed a number of shots of my main camera setup on its tripod as I was waiting for the light to become just right. Obviously I have the finished shot to remind me of the trip, but there’s something about a photo of my camera setup that helps bring back that excitement and anticipation that went into making the final image. I often use them as desktop images, great for when I need a reminder of a good trip or to encourage me to plan my next.

Whilst I’m a stickler for quality, compact cameras, and now even phone cameras, are more than capable of taking quality images that can be printed large. Although the ability to produce large prints isn’t the only criteria that makes for a good camera, especially as many images now only ever appear on screen. But with ever increasing screen resolutions of TVs and computer monitors even digital use can now show up floors in less than perfect images.

Here are some shots from cameras other than my ‘pro’ DSLR.

iPhone 5SE

My old iPhone 4 camera was only really used for taking readings of the gas and electric meters and lightbulbs (so I remembered what I needed from the DIY store) but my newer iPhone 5SE is far more capable. I especially like the panoramic function and the ability to shoot 4K video. Now that I take my phone more seriously I’ve bought a mini tripod and head for it. Using the Rhodes app and microphone I also use it to record sound if I’m out walking without my DSLR.

Canon S120

Thin enough to fit in my shirt pocket, the handy macro function on this camera was great for when I wanted to pack sandwiches in my camera bag and not my weighty macro lens.

Sony RX100

You can achieve stunning shots from this camera, with a F1.8-2.8 24-70mm equivalent Zeiss lens it’s nearly always in my bag or pocket. Like the iPhone it has a really good panoramic function and 4K video. It came in handy when shooting a cathedral interior, I’d used a DSLR and tripod on my previous visit but for some reason, the person in charge on this particular day wouldn’t allow tripods. So with a discreet compact camera and mini tripod I could rest on the pews, I still managed to take some respectable photos.

So having more than one camera when out shooting means you can really capture the most from your trip and means you’re more prepared for every eventuality. I’ve given up thinking I’ve all the camera gear I’ll ever need, seems there’s always some new addition that I just can’t live without!