With record numbers of grey seal pups being born this year, there was no shortage of them to photograph.

I already have a good sized library of seal pictures but they’re so much fun to photograph and Norfolk’s such a great place to be in winter that I’m always keen to add more to my collection.

Surf’s up!

Having certain shots covered off in previous years I was keen to come back with something a little different. Big waves and a foaming surf made for a great backdrop. I tried to capture the bulls with their battle scared faces and also show young pups in their wider environment.

Always mindful to keep my distance, it didn’t stop one bull, who had previously been chased off by two others, coming over to me and slapping his belly on the beach, hopeful he could find at least one male to intimidate; which he did!


I’d taken some OK shots of a bull in the dunes last year and was keen to improve on these. This time it was a young pup, lying amongst the marram grass. They’ve a more intimate feel to some of the beach shots and the contrast in light helps focus the eye on the pup.

A full days photography

With the December sun never rising very high, the light is ideal for photography most of the day. It was a case of snapping seals until lunch then heading over to RSPB Strumpshaw Fen for sunset to capture the starling murmuration. You can see the pictures and 4K video by clicking here.

If only every hour of every day could be filled with wildlife photography.

This was my first trip with the new Nikon D850, which I’ll post a short review of soon.

Camera gear

Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 80-400mm