As you can probably tell from the title ‘Norfolk winter photography 2018’ this post is a little late coming. Thing is, I’ve only just remembered I’d created a video of the trip!

I was lucky with the weather this year (or rather last year) so was able to fly my drone. The aerial footage of the seal colonies is great for showing the wider habitat and works well with the more up close and personal clips.

Although seals normally dominate my annual trip, this year I got lucky with a bit on landscape photography too. I’d recently bought a variable ND filter, mainly for video work, but it also came in handy for experimenting with different exposure settings whilst snapping the Cley windmill – see below.


Iceland photography trip

I’m currently working my way through 1TB of stills and video from a recent trip to Iceland, so hopefully I’ll be posting something on that soon, well I say soon, don’t hold your breath will you.

Anyways, here’s a couple of pics to give you taste of what’s to come.