Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Attenborough Nature Reserve is a great place for photography. The flooded former gravel pits provide an ideal habitat for numerous species. Its accessibility is a key feature. Once there it’s easy to forget you’re only a stones throw from a retail park.

As with many local photography locations, I’m guilty of overlooking it. But with free time and good weather finally coinciding I headed over to see if I could get lucky with a few shots.

I made for one of my favourite spots along the edge of the main pond. It’s great for shooting low over the water and into the rising sun. Unfortunately I was stopped short by flood water. Wearing only shoes I had to walk back to the car for my wellies. Once properly attired I headed back.

The other problem with the flood water was it had gone over the path at the low points where I normally lie to take my shots. After a little head scratching I noticed a reflection pool; otherwise known as a puddle. The main pond was being whipped up by the wind, but my little puddle was nice and flat. A bonus of the flood water was to stop anyone without wellies from walking along the path, leaving me largely uninterrupted.

It was then just a case of sprinkling some seed along the edge of the puddle and waiting to see what crept out of the pond or undergrowth. I had to wait for most of the seed to go before I took any shots, as I didn’t want it in the picture. You can see from the photo, swans are too important to eat with the other birds, so this one tried pecking at the source … me!

Although a lot of the shots are similar I was pretty pleased for just 90 minutes work. The light was great and I like how I’ve managed to take almost matching shots of the male and female ducks.

Here’s to free time and good weather!