Keen to see who else is exhibiting at Melbourne Arts Festival, I’ve just had a scan through the full list of artists – see below.

Hopefully I’ll find time, by that I mean twist someones arm to manage my stand for a bit, to have a look round a few of them.

The graphic designer in me was immediately drawn to the woven textile work of Emily Shaw, especially the new CMYGrey collection (pictured below). It’s derived from CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) the four colour process used in printing to produce full colour artwork. A great way to add some colour to your life.

The wood craft of Jane Bevan also caught my eye. Jane uses natural materials, gathered from woods, to create unique sculptures. They exquisitely highlight the beauty and detail of the natural world.

With only a few days to go I’ve been busy preparing various items for display. Fresh off the press, I’ve just taken delivery of a new range of greeting cards (main image above). Printed by and designed by me (of course), I’m really pleased with the results. are great for small print runs and if you’re new to designing and producing your own artwork for print there’s lots of help on the site. If like me you use Adobe software you can even download blank templates (with safe area guides, bleed etc) to speed up the process.

As well as folding greeting cards, I’ve been mounting and framing prints, I’ve even made my own display stand as I will insist on producing pictures to wide to fit on the display boards provided!

I suppose I’d better get back to it … hope to see you there.


Lizzie Adcock Blackwork and Pewter
Joanne Allsopp Mosaics
Sujata Aten Ceramics
Hazel Atkinson Jewellery
Keith Ayling – MisterKeith Photographer & Musician
Barbara Bagley Artist
Lynn Baker Glass
Carole Baker Watercolours
Leanne Ball Ceramics
Sue Barton Ceramics
Farah Batool Jewellery
Jane Bevan Sculptural Wood
Helen Billingsley Ceramics
Lor Bird Artist
Natasha Braithwaite B/W Photographer
Jan Brocklehurst Pyrography
Caroline Brogden Jewellery
Celia Brookes Watercolours
Kate Brooks Printmaker
Judith Brown Jewellery
Victoria Brown Artist
Barry D Bulsara Printmaker
Helen Burrell Jewellery
Leigh Burrows Lilac Pearl Textiles
Gareth Buxton Artist
Rachel Carter Sculptor
Barbara Colbert Charcoal & Paint
Stephen Coley Mixed Media
Michael Cook Artist
Robert Coombes Photographer
Del Coombs Mixed Media
Sally Coulter Printmaker
Richard Cresswell Sculptor
Megan Crook Knitwear
Ross Danby Stone Sculpture
Roger Davies Metal Sculpture
Stevie Davies Fused Glass
Terry Davies Fine Art Photographer
Amanda Dawes Photographer
Jane Dearden Artist
Amy Denton Jewellery
Helen Domleo Jewellery
Laura Donaldson Artist
Caroline Dyke Print Designer
Lisa Ellul Ceramics
Liz Emery Felt Artist
Steven Fairbrother Photographer
Les Flint Jeweller – Recycled Silver
Jackie Freer Artist
Anna French Glass
Jane French Artist
Mat and Lindsay Gardner Wood
Tom Genders Artist
Paul and Janet Gibson Ceramics and Jewellery
Amanda Glanville Lampwork Glass
Carl Gray Ceramics
James Green Printmaker
Helen Hallows Mixed Media
John Handley Sculptural Vessels
Bill Harley Photographer
Tracey Hayward Printmaker
Sue Heale Acrylics & Resin
Stuart Hill Artist
Alicia Hollis Artist
Michelle Holmes Mixed Media
Val Hudson Artist
Martin Hyde Artist
Jo Irvine Jeweller
Ami James Textiles
Mary Johnson Ceramics
Paul Johnstone Artist
Mark Langley Pencil Drawings
Olivier Leger Pen & Ink Artist
Michelle Lewis – Coco Zadora Silk Scarves
Alison Linnell, Felt Maker
Hannah Lobley Paperwork
Zoe Marsh Ceramic Artist
Ashi Marwaha Jewellery
Robin Mason Landscape Artist
Andy Mayers Mixed Media
Janet Mayled Artist
Janet Mayo Artist
Steven McLoughlin Landscape Artist
Sue McNair Ceramics Wallhangings
Deborah Miles Mixed Media
Sophie Mitchell Illustrator
Lesley Nason Ceramic Artist & Jewellery
Justine Nettleton Artist
Annie Nicoll Mosaics
Nita Rao Sculptor
Susan Olumide Potter
Des Ong Photographer
Jane Orton Jewellery
Ian Patrick Palmer Sculpture Ceramics
Jonathan Palmer B/W Photographer
DZR – Stephen Parker Ceramic Sculpture
Duncan Pass Printmaker
Thomas Petit Blown Glass
Kerri Pratt Fine Artist
John Rattigan Artist
Nicola Rawlings SEED Jeweller
Jannice Read Artist
Sheila Read Jeweller
Helen Rhodes Artist
Peter Rix -Rix & Co Rocking Horses
Louise Roe Potter facebook/furnacelanepottery
Anna Roebuck Recycled Plastic and Glass
Jo Rost Milliner
David William Sampson Ceramics
Kate Sell Mosaic Mirrors
Martin Shackleton Ceramics
Emily Shaw Weaver
Rod Shaw Artist
Kevin Shepherd Wildlife
Robbie Short Photographer
Claire Simpson Paper Sculptures
Emily Smalley Wildlife
Hannah Smith Jewellery
Lottie Smith Knitted & Sewn Textiles
Jeni Smith Mixed Media
Lynn Hazel Smith Animal Sculptures
Mary Smith Artist
Bradley Spencer Ceramics
Adrian Stapleton – Trinity Forge Blacksmith
Alan Stark Artist
Tracey Startin Crafts
Charlotte Steel Ceramics
Helen Sutherland Silk Scarves
Mat Tacey The Green Woodpecker
Steve Tandy Still Life Artist
Kay Taylor Crafts
Duncan Thurlby Metal Sculptor
Erica Tomlinson Photographer
Susan Trevor Textiles
Derek Trowell Architect
David Turner Sculptural Ironwork
Bethany Upton Photography
Sue Vanderplank Printmaker
Danielle Vaughan Collage
Sarah Villeneau Ceramics
Niki Walters Fused Glass
Connie Wan-Docksey Paper Cuts
Matthew Warburton Aluminium Art
Eleanor Watson Artist
Peter Watson Artist
Mark Wilde Artist
Brenda Wilson Mosaics
Damian Witty Sculptor
Karen Worrall Glass
Keith Wright Fine Art Photography
Paul Young Ceramics
Jill York Artist
Cryptic Art Art Group
Melbourne Photographic Society Art Group